Dallas Center for Architecture Walking Tour

I don’t think it specializes in Modern Architecture but they are offering walking tours of Architecture in Dallas. I think looking at all types of architecture is a good thing Modern or not. Plus walking is good for you. By February my knee should be in good walking order and I’ll be there. Here are the details…

Dallas Center for Architecture
They had their walking tour today but the next one is February 20th but they have a special All-Star Weekend tour next Saturday the 13th.

They are on Facebook here and you can find out more.

I’m going to update the Events calendar here so that I can promote some of the Modern specific.

Oh my babies…

It’s been too long. Too long and no word. Just when things were getting interesting.

Well my career and life exploded at the end of last year. Spectacularly or not so spectacularly depending on your view point. I had to get some income coming in from a new source and that took up every second I had. Literally until last Monday. I have taken some time to think about it and for sure things are different now and I have renewed hope that I can make the work, work for me.

So enough about me. I definitely need to update around these parts. I think we will need a new design for sure and new categories. Vote and let me know which ones you want but I know which ones I will continue to write about modern furnishings, modern homes I see in the press and modern events here in Dallas.

I completely missed the Modern Homes tour this last year and that my friends is a dang shame. Won’t let it happen again. Swear.

So vote on categories, tell me all the modern homes details I have been missing and I will reward you with a design I have just seen that will be in my backyard in some fashion this year. It MUST BE SO!!!!!

Glad to be back and hope there are still readers around.

Quick update

I was dying of sinus attack yesterday so I actually am post-dating this. Hahaha. So much for a post a day.

However I was over at Urban Reserve today. They have moved their real estate firm to Joan Cole Real Estate and as part of that they got them a great little URL for two of their homes.

Check out 22 Vanguard web site. Pretty neat huh. (The music is kind of not needed but I’m biased). I’ll post the other one as well and I need to get some pics up. I have a few of a house going up over there. I don’t know the exact address off the top of my head but I have a before and I want an in between. The after will be amazing!

For now, I’m off but plan on more updates soon!

It’s that time again

I’ve been meaning to show some love over here for quite a while. What better way to get me off my duff, than NaBloPoMo or National Blog Posting Month. It’s where we try and write a post a day. I did it last year and it produced quite a bit of good material I have found and so I’m going to try again.

I also am going to be updating the site with some Modern Homes in Dallas. I’m going to start with Urban Reserve because I have access to them and they are an awesome community. Once I have it up, I’ll let you know.

If by chance, you schedule a showing over there and you found them via this site, be sure to let me or them know. I want them to know ya’ll are coming to them via this blog.

I hope your summer is off to a great start. I know mine is!

National Trust for Historic Preservation Launches Modernism + Recent Past Initiative PR Notice

I don’t want to be a lackey and just pass on information in this space but this was a good one so without further ado, a straight cut and paste.

National Trust for Historic Preservation Launches Modernism + Recent Past Initiative

Initiative Will Partner with National and Local Organizations to Save Significant 20th Century Resources

The National Trust for Historic Preservation (www.PreservationNation.org) is a non-profit membership organization bringing people together to protect, enhance and enjoy the places that matter to them. By saving the places where great moments from history – and the important moments of everyday life – took place, the National Trust for Historic Preservation helps revitalize neighborhoods and communities, spark economic development and promote environmental sustainability. With headquarters in Washington, DC, nine regional and field offices, 29 historic sites, and partner organizations in all 50 states, the National Trust for Historic Preservation provides leadership, education, advocacy and resources to a national network of people, organizations and local communities committed to saving places, connecting us to our history and collectively shaping the future of America’s stories.

Washington, DC (April 15, 2009) – The National Trust for Historic Preservation today announced the launch of its Modernism + Recent Past Initiative with the hiring of Christine Madrid French as the director of the program.  The Modernism + Recent Past Initiative, housed in the Western Office in San Francisco under the guidance of regional director Dr. Anthea Hartig, focuses on significant buildings, structures, and landscapes of the modern movement,  as well as places of social, economic, and cultural importance that were built within the last fifty years. Primary funding for the Initiative was generously provided by the Henry Luce Foundation.

With this initiative, the National Trust for Historic Preservation plans to elevate public appreciation for both modern and recent past resources and demonstrate the significance of these buildings in the history of American architecture and culture.  “The National Trust is fully committed to preserving modern heritage,” said Richard Moe, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, “and this initiative will foster the partnerships necessary to build awareness and support for modernist resources.” Development pressures, the vagaries of the economy, and aging infrastructure put thousands of homes, office buildings, schools, libraries, and airports in jeopardy. Although the historic significance of these places may not be commonly recognized, many clearly contribute to community life and have enduring worth. And while all of these resources may not merit full protection, none should be destroyed without careful review.

“Under this program, we hope to broaden the national conversation on historic preservation of twentieth-century resources and articulate to a wider audience practical approaches to saving modernist and recent past buildings,” said French.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation brings broad organizational capacity, deep technical resources, extensive public policy expertise, and a broad national perspective to this issue. As the owner of the Philip Johnson Glass House and Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House, the National Trust for Historic Preservation already serves as a major curator of Modern masterpieces. As a part of the Initiative, Philip Johnson Glass House, under executive director Christy MacLear, will act as a center for modernism providing leadership for the preservation of modernist architecture and landscapes. The National Trust for Historic Preservation has also issued numerous publications focused on the study and preservation of the recent past and frequently covers the subject in the print and online versions of Preservation Magazine.

The Initiative’s goals include:

  • Engage national and local partner organizations to build consensus and create a shared policy agenda for modernist and recent past resources; establish a strong national network to strengthen partners’ work.
  • Provide high-quality educational programming, technical resources, and research for local organizations working to save, maintain, and reuse modernist and recent past resources.
  • Advance policies that support Twentieth-Century architectural and cultural heritage in collaboration with national, regional, and local partners; integrate efforts with the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Sustainability Initiative to ensure that older and historic structures, including modernist and recent past resources, positively contribute to sustainable development plans at all levels of government.
  • Engage individuals and targeted audiences across the country in modernism and recent past issues.
  • Create and implement a comprehensive communications strategy that raises public awareness and galvanizes support for M+RP.

About Christine Madrid French:

Trained as an architectural historian at the University of Utah and the University of Virginia, French is a co-founder and past president of the Recent Past Preservation Network, the first national non-profit organization dedicated to saving resources built during the last fifty years. French is a member of the 20th Century Heritage Scientific Committee for the International Council of Monuments and Sites, and previously worked as an historian with the National Park Service in Washington, D.C.  She has contributed to numerous architectural books and magazines and consulted on modern visitor centers for Ken Burns’ upcoming documentary about the National Park system.

The Henry Luce Foundation (http://www.hluce.org/) was established in 1936 by Henry R. Luce, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Time Inc., to honor his parents who were missionary educators in China. The Foundation builds upon the vision and values of four generations of the Luce family: broadening knowledge and encouraging the highest standards of service and leadership; and, operating as a not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the State of New York, aims to exemplify the best practices of responsible, effective philanthropy. The Henry Luce Foundation seeks to bring important ideas to the center of American life, strengthen international understanding, and foster innovation and leadership in academic, policy, religious and art communities.

And I’m going to contact them to find out what I can do and we as a Dallas Community of Modern Home appreciation can do to support this effort. I like that this is where preservation meets modernism and we do something that helps educate and extend appreciation around homes that need it.

Wilkinson Residence Modern Home

I was on metafilter and saw this.  This house is awesome to me with the stated goal:

“The client desired a house that felt as if it were isolated in the forest and that would allow him to hear the songs of birds.” says Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect on Wilkinson Residence.”

Wilkison Residence
Wilkison Residence

The detail of the house and it’s layout is pretty amazing with the way it blends into it’s environment and the detail that went into it to make the form fit the environment is admirable.  The comments on metafilter run the gamut from commenting on the beautiful design to the nightmare of having to clean the windows at the top and leaking issues.   They also bring up the lack of architect-designed homes for under $1 million.

Brings up thoughts to consider when facing bring the modern to reality when building.

That said, enjoy the pictures though.

Key links for further exploration:

Wilkinson Kitchen
Wilkinson Kitchen

Looky What I Found-Yummy Modern Furniture Again

Quick update – Sorry I have been absent.  Things are afoot at my workplace and that means passionate writing has sadly taken a small backseat.  Don’t think I don’t feel the familiar patter of little Modern Home feet kicking the back of my chair to get back writing.  I will and the first order of business is a listing of homes for sale that are modern or contemporary so all the people looking (and there are plenty) for the modern homes can peruse and find their next happy abode.

Now on to this piece of furniture.  I heart it.  But in researching it I found more.  Oh MY GOD!! It’s gorgeous.

It started here at The Mid-Century Modernist

With this piece.  I don’t know if I should classify it as an end table, filing cabinet or shelves.  It’s all and one and better.  Again with the hearts.

FinnJuhl - Table
FinnJuhl - Table

Following their link I went to FinnJuhl.com.  From their site:

Production of the Finn Juhl products have been spread out all over the world.

Today the license for producing Finn Juhl furniture lies solely with the company Hansen & Sorensen in Denmark. After producing the sofa Model ’57 since 1999 Hansen & Sorensen was given the licens for the entire collection in 2001.

So landing on their site I see this chair.  It looks so comfortable.  I just want to settle into it.

Chieftan Chair - Finn Juhl
Chieftan Chair - Finn Juhl
Chieftan Chair Detail
Chieftan Chair Detail

Until I find the next level of comfort. This chair on the OneCollection Site which is part of the Finn Juhl House.

Fuzzy Pelikan Chair
Fuzzy Pelikan Chair

This is based on this chair which looks equally delightful.  Yummmmmy.

Pelikan Chair - beautifully photographed by Brahl Fotografi
Pelikan Chair - beautifully photographed by Brahl Fotografi

Click on through their site.  The Photography done by Brahl Fotografi is esquisite as is the furniture.  I’ll have to see if any one in Texas can carry them.  They are from Denmark but it’s just too awesome to miss.

Isamu Kenmochi Chair

Australian Chair Distributor: Youshiki

I saw this link from a friend of mine Dennis Convington. I don’t think he has a blog or I would link to him and give him some search juice but for now. LOOK AT THIS CHAIR.


This is from the site.

Designed by Isamu Kenmochi for Tendo Japan in 1961. The Kashiwado chair was actually created for a famous Sumo wrestler named Kashiwado from that time. This chair is truly a work of art. Craftsmen first cut out several blocks of the bottom roots of a Japanese cedar (Sugi) and then carefully select the best wood with the most tree-rings. The blocks are then carved and layered on top of each other by hand then polished and coated.

If you are a chair aficionado- check these links out.
Chair Blog
And the
Contemporary Australasion Chairs – Awesome chairs.


Updated Properties on DFW Modern Homes Map

Just wanted to let you know I added about ten or so properties on the DFW Modern Homes Map.

My dear friend Nicole drove me around Oak Cliff in and around Kessler Park and I showed her the homes that I had seen at the Modern Homes Tour last year.  She pointed out quiet a few, I had never seen.  None were for sale that I could see, although many of the ones in Urban Reserve are available for purchase.

If you want a fun activity for a weekend when the weather is nice.  I recommend printing out the map and going for a drive.  These are tucked up in a gorgeous area of Dallas and worth the time.

Dallas Contemporary Art Museum-Wish! ’09

In the interest of representing contemporary or modern arts in the Dallas community I wanted to give the Dallas Contemporary Art Museum a little shine.  What is the Dallas Contemporary Art Museum? From their website:

“Dallas Contemporary presents art in a forum that cultivates artists,
ignites learning, and inspires the community. It is committed to
finding and exploring work that is new and unfamiliar, challenging and
sometimes difficult, but deserves to come into view.”

It’s a relatively new space here in Dallas (if you think 27 years is newish).  They are having an auction to help get them into a new space of their own.   The online preview and bidding are going on now till the 29th of January.   Some details:

Premiere Peek
Thursday, January 29, 2009
7 ~ 10 pm

8th Annual Wish! Auction

Saturdy, January 29, 2009
7 ~ 10 pm

They do a good of explaining here: Dallas Contemporary Art Museum Wish!

If you want to see what’s up for sale check here: DCAM Auction Site